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Super 9.0 rating from Booking. Thank you

Felicity Garni Hotel Bratislava comes with another great news. We have reached the magic 9 out of 10 rating score on the rating portal, upgrading our hotel from “very good” to “wonderful”. What is behind the high rating score and who do we owe this success to? 

How does rating work is the largest and most used hotel booking portal in Europe, giving the rating mark on this portal an exceptional prestige. The latter is further enhanced by the total number of reviews by hotel guests. The more reviews, the higher the informative value of the average rating mark. When a hotel is reviewed by only a few dozen people it doesn’t count for much, but when hundreds enter their reviews, it is a totally different story. We are immensely proud that the 9.0 rating score is the result of reviews our hotel received from more than 1 400 clients. 

Hard work behind every tenth of a point
The hotel’s clientele is rightly demanding and requires an ever-better quality of services. The shift in the rating by every tenth of a point therefore requires a lot of time and systematic work for the maximum comfort of our hotel guests. Under new management, the Felicity Garni Hotel has moved from the original mark of 8.5 to the mentioned 9.0 – that is from the “very good” to the category “wonderful”. An upgrade of five tenths of a point required two and a half years of hard work to bring the well-deserved fruit. It must be highlighted that only one of the ten accommodation facilities in Bratislava has been included in this category, and from among hotels the figure is even smaller. In other words, we are among the top 10% of the best hotels in our city.

Gratitude for our success goes to you, our guests
We are well aware that we owe this success primarily to you, our clients. Thank you for any positive feedback, for the pleasant atmosphere we create together, as well as for your support during these most difficult times. We also appreciate all your suggestions for improvements that move us forward. In our work we stick to the motto “we for clients, clients for us”. We promise that in the future we will not slack in our efforts and that we will try to continue to enhance the quality of our services to an ever-higher level. We will be doing so precisely in the spirit of the hotel’s mission – that you always feel satisfied here and that you leave happy.