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More improvements for your comfort

In the Felicity Garni Hotel, we care about making our guests feel as comfortably as possible. Therefore we regularly come up with various improvements that increase your comfort and experience of our hotel. And what have we prepared the latest for you?

As soon as when entering our hotel, your eyes will be attracted by our newly planted flower beds, which will please everyone who loves beautiful flowers, greenery and live plants. You will surely agree with us that they are a perfect match for our hotel, because in addition to their smell, they also spread optimism and good mood.

However, not only the exterior nut also the interior of our hotel is much more beautiful. At first glance, you will surely notice brand new walls with elegant decorations. On the contrary, you will barely notice exchanged minibars in the rooms. Their noise level is equal to zero decibels, you will not hear them at all and, most importantly, they will give you an undisturbed peaceful sleep. In addition, nets on the windows have been added to the rooms so that you are not disturbed by flies, mosquitoes or other insects.

But that is not all at all. We also thought about the environment, as its protection belongs to our priorities. Recently, therefore, we have introduced consistent waste sorting throughout our hotel. You have only one bin in your room, but we subsequently separate all the waste centrally for you.

We believe that we will make you happy with these news and we promise that we will never slow down in our efforts to constantly improve our hotel and make it more beautiful. We are already thinking about other innovations, about which we will inform you in time.