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New name, even higher quality

Surely many of you have noticed that we have changed the name of our hotel, which you previously knew as the Blue Hotel Garni Bratislava. Why did we decide for this change? We believe that the new name Felicity Garni Hotel better describes its character and philosophy.

Felicity means happiness, and it is this word that concisely and clearly expresses the mission of our hotel. We do everything we can to make you happy with us and to leave us happy. Felicity is also a beautiful female name that symbolizes care and kindness to you, our guests. Moreover, Felicity hides another word - City, which expresses the urban character of our hotel.

We want to assure you that this change is not an end in itself. We promise that under the new name we will bring you even more comfort and individual care, so that only the best experiences will be associated with the name Felicity.